Logitech Wireless Headset Repair

This is a video on how to fix the left ear phone from cutting in and out of sound. This is the logitech wireless headset. This video was done from my cell phone because I had people asking how I fixed mine. Skill: -Basic de-soldering and soldering -Steady hands would be nice as everything is pretty small. -Magnifying glass will also help Tools: -Small philips screw driver (+) -Small precision flat head (-) -Butter knife or pry tool -Soldering Iron -de-soldering iron (recommended) Materials: -Solder -Donor set of earphones (ear bud style recommended) So I’m not the greatest tutorial maker in the world, but I just wanted to put this video up for people that have the same problem as I did and want to fix it without paying for logitech to fix it or having to buy another. This is a great headset, and for the prices you can find them for now, I think they are definitely worth it. I got mine off of ebay for shipped and it was refurbished so I received it in an RMA bag. Since logitech would not cover the sale (ebay) under any warranty, I couldnt have them fix it, so I figured out how to do it on my own. After some extensive searching for a disassembly, i found nothing. So I took things into my own hands, and figured it out. Thankfully I didnt break anything. I did accidentally drop my soldering iron on my head set for a second and it kind of melted one of the plastic pieces, but no major damage, plus its covered by the padding lol.

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24 Responses to Logitech Wireless Headset Repair

  1. pokerwithoutcards says:

    Both speakers work now and balanced (replaced it with a peice of computer fan wire)… however, mic is dead, and the mute button light isn’t going on/off. Couldn’t figure out what to do with the ribbon cable, I think when I clicked the thing up, it broke off some sort of thing that held it in place. The ribbon cable doesn’t go all the way in, and doesn’t “click” into anything.

  2. pokerwithoutcards says:

    Exactly my experience.

  3. CarmineD187 says:

    [i have a G930] I’m having a problem with mine they stopped working, they don’t want to charge or anything. when i plug it in i get a faded red light but the headphones don’t charge or turn on. You have any idea’s or am i fuc*ed and have to buy a new headset? (They where not dropped or damaged in any way, just happened out the blue)

  4. Gubber says:

    Tape will eventually fall off and allow the wires to move around, if you cant solder I would recommend hot glue gun to hold the wire, and then also tape.

  5. TheParallex says:

    Thanks just fixed mine but didnt use solider if you dont want to use solider you can just get tape and tape down the wires onto the connection and now mine is working fine just like when i first got it

  6. stephenjjackson1 says:

    I bought my headset about 8 months ago and it started having problems. I decided they were simply broke so I ordered another pair from Amazon.Com for $80. They were suppose to be new. They came in a plastic bag instead of the new packaging.

    I figured, what the heck – so I tried them. Same problem as the ones I was replacing. Left speaker was completely out.

    Today, I was snooping around found this video and fixed them both. Thanks ‘denraweb’ this is another reason why I love YouTube.

  7. pandorasam11 says:

    Only one side of my headset works…Why?

  8. blade312PMU says:

    Turn it off mute.

  9. zombieslayer426 says:

    how do you fix a headset that u talk into it but it dosent work,the other person cant here you

  10. Dragonfan5 says:

    lmao, i just bought a wireless bluetooth headset, just got here, but now i know the cord wont rip xD

  11. xXGumbyScopezXx says:


  12. amerikaner101 says:

    My Logitech H800 charging port broke and it wont charge my headset. does anione know anyone who repairs logitech headsets?

  13. Dragonfan5 says:

    hey do you know how to fix it if the usb fell off? everything is intact just the usb port broke off cause it got stuck around my ankle and I pretty much yanked the headset out…I would appreciate it very much if you could help me…dont want to pay $40 for a new one.

  14. Finny1314 says:

    OH MY GOD Thankyou SO fcking much for this, my dad kept on saying I wouldn’t be able to do it but MWUAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA I did it with your help!!!!!!! It’s working perfectly, I made the wire longer and drilled the holes bigger.

    Again Thank you so fcking much!!!!!!!! <33333

  15. winsmile1977 says:

    Thanks for this! I got same problem but now my left speaker got revival. Awesome!!

  16. harussell says:

    I had the same problem and performed the repair and now the left speaker works fine. Except now the microphone doesn’t, lol. I had a hard time getting the ribbon cable back in and I’m not sure it’s in properly. Does the exposed copper part supposed to go all the way in? It only seems to go about 2/3 the way in the connector.

  17. guoworld says:

    thanks for this video. it help me to fix my headset without completely breaking it by doing so ;)

  18. 18kingen says:

    Do It Work On Skullcandy Lowrider?

  19. mamahk1 says:

    It works…….Thanks for uploading this tutorial…

  20. zapdude1 says:

    The problem is that the wire may not APPEAR broken, but pinching sometimes breaks the actual wire inside the insulation, so you can’t really tell. If the problem occurs again, then go ahead and replace the wires anyway.

  21. Nayomi007 says:

    Totally the best well done !! Thumbs up everyone !! ☺☺

  22. urbanroyalty141 says:

    how would you fix the mix? i have similar head sets and when i try talking into the mix but it doesnt let me:C

  23. TeamEST174 says:

    Stop saying ehm

  24. denraweb says:

    Thanks. A little boredom and a fed up attitude of some nice headphones not working like they should work is sometimes good lol! Glad you got yours going!

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